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May 2023
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April 2023
Apr 27, 2023
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Server host connectivity issues.


Resolved Apr 27 at 03:52pm EDT

Issues resolved - apparently another server on the same VM was being targeted by a DDOS attack.

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Hosting provider network upgrades


Resolved Apr 27 at 12:00am EDT

Our hosting provider will be performing system changes during the following scheduled maintenance window.

Start Time: 2023-04-27 04:00:00 UTC
End Time: 2023-04-27 08:00:00 UTC

Network reachability to our server may be affected for some, or all, of the scheduled maintenance window as they perform this work.
While it’s important to be aware of start and end times of the maintenance window, due to a redundant network architecture, our host expects that you may see little to no impact at...

Apr 12, 2023
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Momentary database outages


Resolved Apr 12 at 04:45pm EDT

DB tweaks complete. Service fully restored.

You should see fewer response time spikes, and generally faster response times for now on.

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March 2023
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